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Welcome to our rail travelers paradise!
If you love sitting in your automobile for hours and hours, where the scenery of taillights and trucks on interstate highways never seem to end, traffic jams, getting lost, red lights, cramped backs and legs, then traveling by train is not for you!

Automobile travel creates Worries and stress which in turn creates more problems like when do we arrive, where do we park, where is the next rest area, when do we eat.

Let me introduce you to the easiest most relaxing, convenient and FUN way to get around on your next vacation or getaway weekend. On this and the following pages you'll find more information, where our trains can take you, what to do when you arrive at one of our exciting destinations but most of all how you can relax and truly enjoy your entire trip.

Now when you're ready to really slow down, relax and live a little on your next mini vacation, chances are we'll be ready to go when you are!!

Buy Gas - By Train - Bye Worries!

All Aboooooooooooooooooooard!

We Do All The Work, You Take All The Credit!
Specializing in day trip, overnight or weekend mini vacations by train. In West Virginia's spectacular "New River Gorge" National River Recreation Area or Virginia's Shenandoah National Park!

Passengers arrive, aboard a luxurious riverboat tour vessel on the Mighty Ohio River as part of a multiple day river and rail cruise.

Providing round trip direct service, to West Virginia's exciting, adventure
filled mountains of fun. We emphasize flexible rail tour choices for couples,
families, individuals, small and large groups, corporate, private and public
charters too!   

We Make Your Vacation Getaway Simple yet Convenient.

Departing from a variety of primary metropolitan cities through out the mid west or Central East Coast. Select from Washington, DC, Cincinnati, Indianapolis or Chicago, providing multiple passenger origination points in intermediate cities and states too!You Can Slow Down, Relax and Live A Little!

Your ticket purchase aboard one of our rail tours, will provide your round trip rail transportation, on train and off train destination lodging, meals, refreshments, activities, outfitting, complete ground transportation and
shuttle services at arrival, with full escort/concierge services, from beginning to end of your rail tour adventure vacation getaway.We Operate Our Rail Tour Excursions Year Round!

You Certainly Have Choices To Make! Pick a season, pick a destination, and decide what you really want to do and when you want to do it! We also have a wide variety of Major Annual Excursions i.e., WV - New River Gorge and VA - Blue Ridge-Shenandoah Fall Foliage, excursions in October or The Official West Virginia State Fair Train in August

Now celebrating our 24th anniversary as The Mountain State “New River Gorge” Mystery Train, we are excited about what lays down the tracks for us.


How To Reach Us:
Ticket Office: 1-866-529-6412
The Mountain State Mystery Train and

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